Meeting Jan 29th, 2024

Date, Time & Location

Jan 29th, 2024. 10.00-11.00. Virtual Meeting (Zoom).


University of Luebeck


Advisory Board


  1. Update on the Leoben Team progress
  2. Update on the Erlangen Team progress
  3. Next meeting

Details on the Meeting Notes

TOP 1: Update on the Leoben Team progress by Elmar

Fotios, Vedant and Niko submitted two papers to UR2024. Two papers were submitted to ICRA, where the notification is on the 31st of Jan. 2024. 

Niko still should visit the Erlangen team this year. However, this needs some planning to create up with a collaborative paper. 

TOP 2: Update on the Erlangen Team progress by Philipp

Adna plans to submit her research paper in February 2024. Ege is working on the robot experiment. The plan is to get support by a student assistant. IMU data is now also integrated. The plan is to do experiments in April and to submit a research paper in May. 

TOP 3: Next meeting: March 12th 2024 10.00-11.00

Next meeting is scheduled for the date above using Zoom:





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