Meeting Mar 12th, 2024

Date, Time & Location

Mar 12th, 2024. 10.00-11.00. Virtual Meeting (Zoom).


University of Luebeck


Advisory Board


  1. Update on the Leoben Team progress
  2. Update on the Erlangen Team progress
  3. Next meeting

Details on the Meeting Notes

TOP 1: Update on the Leoben Team progress by Elmar

Fotis and Vedant’s paper was accepted at ICRA 2024: 

Dave*, Vedant; Lygerakis*, Fotios; Rueckert, Elmar. Multimodal Visual-Tactile Representation Learning through Self-Supervised Contrastive Pre-Training. In: IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2024)., 2024, (* equal contribution).

Niko submitted two papers to UR2024 on interactive robot learning. Currently, Niko is working on adapting his algorithm to more complex (>6 degrees of freedom) policies for real-time real robot learning.  

With 1st of April, a a senior researcher is starting at CPS. In October, the chair will move into a new building – “Das Haus der Digitalisierung”. An invitation for the opening ceremony will be sent to all partner. 

TOP 2: Update on the Erlangen Team progress by Philipp

Ege: No changes wrt. the schedule. Ege is working on the experimental protocol. Adna: still working on her evaluations. The submission is planed for early April. HiWi: is working on haptic feedback for the wire-maze real robot experiments with Ege. This is planned to be finished by end of March. 10 people will be doing the experiment. 

Ege: Shared autonomy is an ongoing activity by Ege.  Main issue or challenge is the generalizations. 

Philipp: Another paper on effective touch is work in progress, it is a side project of Ege.  

TOP 3: Next meeting: May 7th 2024 10.00-11.00

Next meeting is scheduled for the date above using Zoom:





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