Meeting Dec 18th, 2023

Date, Time & Location

Nov 8th, 2023. 11.00-12.00. Virtual Meeting (Zoom).


University of Luebeck


Advisory Board


  1. Introduction of Melanie Neubauer to the team
  2. Update on the Leoben Team progress
  3. Update on the Erlangen Team progress
  4. Next meeting

Details on the Meeting Notes

TOP 1: Update on the Leoben Team progress by Elmar

Niko is working on a Human-robot-user interface for a hololens for interactive robot learning. Niko plans to submit this paper to UR2024, where the deadline is on Jan. 10th 2024. 

Niko will fix the user interface which is the basis for learning more complex policies. This can be used in a collaborative study.  The concrete next steps will be discussed in the next meetings. 

Honghu Xue graduated with a grade of a “1.1” on Dec. 6th 2023 at the University of Lübeck. 

TOP 2: Update on the Erlangen Team progress by Philipp

Adna recorded more data for her ATAR study. Two students are supporting Adna and Ege. Heart rate data collection is used to study human factors. The other student is working on the robot hardware. 

TOP 3: Next meeting needs to be defined: Options are Jan till 2nd Feb. 2024 09.00-12.00 or 01.-02.02 in the afternoon as well.

Next meeting is scheduled for the date above using Zoom:





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