Meeting June 29th, 2022

Date, Time & Location

June 29th, 2022. 14.00-15.00. Virtual Meeting (Zoom).


  • Prof. Dr. Elmar Rueckert
  • Fotios Lygerakis, M.Sc.
  • Vedant Dave, M.Sc.
  • Prof. Dr. Philipp Beckerle
  • Ege Cansev, M.Sc.


  1. Introduction of Nikolaus Feith to the team
  2. Update on the Leoben Team progress
  3. Update on the Erlangen Team progress
  4. Next meeting

Details on the Meeting Notes

TOP 1: Update on the Erlangen Team progress by Philipp

Ege is presenting slides on the updates.

  • Transfer Learning: two experiments implemented. Atari experiments are being prepared. Ethics vote received. Robot Peg-In-Hole experiment is being prepared. Nearly completed.
  • Shared autonomy: Peg-in-hole experiment will be used.
  • Human-centered guidance framework: First experience during the lange nacht der forschung. Velocity control needs to be made more robust.
  • Sensor-Glove 2.0 of Leoben works nicely for teaching. Glove 3.0 is work in progress at Uni Erlagen.
  • New technician will be hired soon.

TOP 2: Update on the Leoben Team progress by Elmar

  • Need to add Honghu’s paper on deep visual intralogistics navigation to our webage.
  • Need to put our new LNF22 video on the webage.
  • Niko Feith is our new employee. He works on graphical model inference for manipulation tasks from visual input.
  • Vedant is working on learning correlations between tactile and arm & hand motion data. The goal of his research is to infer novel full arm motions just by conditioning specific desired tactile data. The first paper will be submitted on July 15th, 2022. In the future, we will try to learn complex manipulation skills to control industrial machines.
  • Fotios is working on combining contrastive learning with autonecoders for representation learning. The connection to TRAIN is the learning type of unsupervised learning and the application of transfer learning. Particular experiments need to be designed in future meetings.
  • AI Robot lab is almost complete. Initial plan was do be done by end of July. As by today, only the Ethernet cables need to be patched and connected to our server.
  • The Leoben GPU Cluster administration will be take over by us starting with July. By that we will have access to 8 A100 RTX cards.
  • Franka ROS framework of CPS will shared via our git repo in the next weeks. (In the next meeting, we can discuss a in persona meeting on the Franka/Ros HW/SW framework.) We will go for ROS 2 in the near future.

TOP 3: Next meeting July 20th 2022 13.00-14.00

Next meeting is scheduled for the date above using ZOOM.

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