Meeting Jan. 25th, 2022

Date, Time & Location

Jan. 25th, 2021. 13.00-14.00. Virtual Meeting (Zoom).


University of Luebeck


Advisory Board


  1. Update on the Leoben Team progress
  2. Update on the Erlangen Team progress
  3. Next meeting

Details on the Meeting Notes

TOP 1: Update on the Leoben Team progress by Elmar

MUL extended the project end till 31.01.2025.
Honghu had a meeting with Adna, preparing RL algorithms in simulations.
Honghu check Adna’s results.
MUL will buy a RH8 Robot Hand from Seed Cognitiva with taktile sensors for about 10.000€ excl. tax.
MUL plans to get another 4 FRANKA arms.

TOP 2: Update on the Erlangen Team progress by Philipp

Adna is comparing 3 different RL algorithms. 
Ege experimental design planned till May 2023, will be adapted based on the project extension. Ege’s exp. design and the questions will be discussed in the next meeting. Shared autonomy experiments planned to be first tested in a wire-maze task in Q2/2022.
Adna has integrated the ability to utilize human inputs to speedup the RL training time.
Franka environment will be developed in a master thesis.

TOP 3: Next meeting March 16th 2022 10.30-12.00

Next meeting is scheduled for the date above using WEBEX



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